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About Me

Alex Savy

My name is Alex Savy. I’m the CEO and Founder of Asavy Marketing, where we launch our own content websites and local businesses. With our expertise, we also help our clients to get more traffic from Google. In addition, I do SEO consulting, where I help growing businesses create or adjust their SEO strategies to maximize the ROI.

I have been doing SEO for 10 years. Beginning my career by working for an SEO agency, I managed local clients from multiple industries, big e-commerce stores, SaaS projects, and others.

I quit working for an SEO agency to focus on affiliate marketing. Three years later, I sold one of my websites for 6 figures and reached a total revenue of 7 figures for the next 3.5 years.

In one of my projects, I was able to rank a 22,000 volume keyword on the 2d position in the USA.

My work experience in very competitive industries such as sleep, health, home appliances, etc, as well as developing SEO strategies for clients with various business models, helps me to be flexible with all the changes Google makes and be up to date.

Why did I launch this website?

I’m a doer with a huge passion for SEO. During my career, I was focusing mainly on growing my projects rather than sharing case studies with the public.

In October 2022, I was invited to present at the SEO IRL SEO meetup in Toronto, and the feedback I got inspired me to share more of my knowledge with other SEOs, marketers, and business owners to help them rank higher on Google and grow their companies.

So, I decided to launch, where I share my up-to-date SEO strategies, tips, guides, and spreadsheets with the community.

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